Без оглед дали некој е љубител на кучиња или мачки, социјалните мрежи се место каде што може да помине часови гледајќи слики од најслатките животни на светот.

Оваа година, платформата Инстаграм стана главна дестинација за споделување на фотографии од домашните миленици, а со користењето на хаштаговите „#dogsofinstagram“ и „#catsofinstagram“ тешко е да бидете без контакт со тој тренд.

Многу мачки и кучиња имаат свои профили на Инстаграм, но никој во Европа нема повеќе фанови од овие пет домашни миленици.

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Make somebody’s day 💗

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Wanna take a ride ? 🤓🐶 #blackpomeranian #pomeranian #smalldog #dogsofinstagram #zulathepom

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THEY WAS SO CUTE😩😍🙏🏽💙. #waybackwednesday

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It’s been a week since I’ve had Kiko home after his amputation and about a month since I was told he had cancer. We have had good and bad days. Memorable moments and sad ones as well. . Its odd how you go on living normal and in just a blink of an eye suddenly every second of every moment spend with that ball of fur becomes even more important. Moments I took for granted before I’m finding myself trying to keep so present. To scared to forget that one second I’ve spend with him. In just a month I’ve learned to live and enjoy things the way my pup been doing all his life. Moments that I thought were small now are instants I find important. It’s unbelievably crazy how an event in life can teach you so much and change the way you look at life it self. My heart is very sore, it’s hard not to be. No matter if you try to hide it so that your pup doesn’t sense that vibe. The pain is there, it’s constant, It’s normal. You see that one being you love more than anything suffer of course it hurts. . If you are going through something similar. Hug that furry, wet nose, wagging tail, uniquely beautiful being as much as you can. And if you are not it doesn’t matter do it anyways. . So do yourself a favor and give your dog, your cat or whatever amazing pet you have a big hug right now. . #NationalBestFriendDay #WatsonHugs

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Dolmo ciulla mamma. ❤️

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